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Locate Your Car Code

You will need your vehicle's Paint Colour Code before you search the colour charts. If you don't know your Paint Colour Code, you can find it through one of the five links in the box below.

Chrysler Corp. - Auto
(Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth)
Ford Motor Co. - Auto
(Ford / Lincoln / Mercury)
General Motors - Auto
(Buick / Cadillac / Chevrolet / Oldsmobile / Pontiac)
Domestic Van/Truck/SUV
(Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth)
Import Car / Van / Truck / SUV

Colour Guide

Find the Correct Colour for Your Car

Domestic Car Paint Codes

The paint colour code will be located either on a laminated label or on a metal plate. Use the charts below to help you find your vehicles paint colour code.

Ford Motor Co.
Ford - Lincoln - Mercury - All Years

Vehicle Paint Code Locations
1 - Driver's Side Front Door Panel
2 - Driver's Side Front Door Lock Pillar

ford paint codes plate

Select the PlastiKote part number that corresponds to your vehicles paint colour code.

Computer screens and printers vary in how colours are displayed. Colours which display on the screen and printed colours may not match the paint's actual colour.